Re-discover Potential Adsgur is a self-serve rtb exchange network with direct publishers. Our platform is paired with tools and technology that brings it all together

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Maximize leads and quality traffic with Adsgur Advanced Advertising Technology.

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Maximize your revenue with competitive CPMs and fill rates, 24/7 dedicated account management, and daily payments.

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Adsgur is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet. We guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than us! Just register and see for yourself. Prepare to be astonished! Our technology for advertisers is a RTB marketplace, with ad solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Focusing on key mechanism that delivers performance, we leverage our innovation and industry expertise to help our partners achieve success. With offices in Texas and London, we are a team of highly motivated individuals that have years of experience to provide keen insight and strategy. In the ever changing ad tech landscape, innovation is the key ingredient. Our company culture is to continuously innovate and foster new ideas, harvesting feedback from our partners as a propellant for our business.

Performance Ads

Fast Payouts
Fast Payouts
Withdrawal requests are handled daily.
Analytics in 24 hours
Analytics in Real Time
Real time reporting to gain real time intelligence
Multiple Banner sizes
Multiple Banner sizes
we support more than just pops.
Banners coming soon!
Best rates in Industry
Best rates in Industry
It is you who choose the prices!

RTB. Self-serve. About Our Platform

Our RTB (real-time bidding) self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling inventory. Advertisers can plug in their campaigns directly with a full range of hyper-targeted advertising solutions and high quality ad units. Our platform brings the convenience of having a marketplace right at your computer screen.


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